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Kyra Borges

OK, I've created an OC called Kyra Borges that is going to be the main character of the story "Angels and Monkeys" along with Angel. I drew a  quick sketch of her and posted here, and I guess I'll use the oppertunity to tell a little of her as well, as she is a funny character I like very much! Please tell me what you think of her! First, some standard facts, and then a little about her personality and history and such.

Name: Kyra Borges
Mutant name: Savage
Height: 5f eet 4 inches
Age: Eighteen
Hair color: First dirty-blonde, then bright red with black streaks
Eye color: Blue

Powers: Has a long tail with black and red fur, similar to the tail of monkeys. It has the ability to grip on to thing and is very strong. She has enhanced agility, very acrobatic and a good climber. Uses a staff as a weapon.

Personality: Kyra is very lively and fun-loving. She always smiles and is easy-going and friendly to everyone.

History: Kyra grew up with her mother, and woke one day to find that she had grown a tail over the night. Kyra, easy-going as she is, didn't mind all that much. She cut holes to it in her pants and dyed her hair to match the fur. Over the next weeks she find herself developing enhanced powers when it comes to agility and acrobatics. She discovers that she has no problems climbing trees and excells in gymclass as she find herself beating every single one of the cheerleaders in gymnastics (something they arent too fond of...) Kyra's mother thinks they should find a place that will fit her mutant daughter better, and finds Xavier's institue. Here Kyra meets Warren, and they hit it off. They might be as different as water and oil, they loud energetic Kyra and the silent calm Warren, but she might be just what he needs. 

So, what do you think, could this be something? I think it'll be nice to write about a character that is all fun, and not all angsty as so many other. I'll try to come up with an actual plot though, or maybe it'll just be some smutty fluff... We'll just have to wait and see don't we? :D

I've written about 1000 word of the story, the part when she wakes up with a tail. And I have a little piece the first conversation between her and Warren, which I at least think says at lot about her and how not-serious she takes herself:

"So what is your mutant name then Kyra Borges?" Warren said and looked up at the girl that hung upside down from a beam in his roof. She contemplated his question for a few seconds before she smiled and answered him.

Anyway, not sure if this works, but I'll just have to try (if it do work please remember that it is a quick sketch, and that i'm not a great artist...) if it doesnt work the picture can be found in my gallery: X-Men...

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As always, I have nothing to say of any importance, I'm only a bit bored and thought I post a little something about what's going on in my life, and with my writing. 

I'm working on the twelfth chapter of Struck by Lightning, a story about Angel from X Men and a original character called Ana, or Lightning. I haven't gotten too many reviews on this one, and I would love if anyone out there would want to read it and tell me what you think! A little summary: Ana is a eighteen year old girl that is chased away from home after developing her mutant powers; the ability to control and create electricity. she makes her way to Xavier's instiute, and are embraced as on of the X Men. She gets close to the mutant that goes by the name of Angel. Things seem to be going her way, but there are obstacles ahead. A rebellious mutant group has risen and are intend on making the mutants the dominant race. Ana's role in the powerplay is going to become more important than anyone would want. Right now this story is 30'000 words and not yet finished. I'm guessing it'll end up on somewhere inbetween 40-50'000 words, and is easily the "big" piece of fanfiction I've written. As well as this story I'm working on many many other stories, both fanfiction and original stories. Of the original stories my biggest thing is one with the working title "James' story". It is 40'000 words and not halffinished. I'm hoping I might call it a book one day, allthough I don't think I'll ever get it published. James is a depressed young man from an English town. One day he meets a woman with piercing eyes, and suspiciously pointy corner teeth. She will change his life. Prophesies, vampires, death, blood and pain will become part of his new  life. So what do you think? Vampire's are fun aren't they? I love them at least!

Yeah, I'm well into my summervacation, and it great! This last year at university have been much fun, but it's great with some vacation right now. I had two exams, and got C on both of them. One of those I'm very much pleased with, as I didn't really work anything at all, the other exam I had hoped for a better grade in, but what the hell, at least I didnt fail!

My plans for the summer is mostly non-exictent, allthough I'm going on a two week interrail trip in France and Italy, and I'm really looking forward to it! But that's not until 19th of July... The rest of the summer I'll just watch movies, write and probably hang around with my friends, even though several of them has travelled home for the holidays :-( But that's what cell phones are for ain't it!

Oh, and on Monday I'm going to an Arctic Monkeys concert in Oslo, and it's going to be great, I love Arctic Monkeys! And I love concerts! Other concerts I've been to includes Backstreet Boys (I was twelve...), White Stripes, Franz Ferdinan, the Raconteuers and the norwegian band Hopalong Knut. Concerts are great!!! 

I had invited a couple of friends over for a barberque last night, but of course the rain was pouring down.  But we just cooked the food inside and had a great time! I love BBQ! The rain just keeps coming down though, so not much of summerweather here, but that just means that I don't have to feel bad about sitting inside on the computer...

I love you all guys! Hugs from Mia
Victoria Frances

New Story: Thaw

Finally I finished my second Angel/Rogue story: Thaw. It is a one-shot filled with fluff and Bobby-bashing. Rogue and Bobby's relationship isn't going to well after the cure wore off and Rogue's powers came back. Rogue seeks comfort in Angel, and together they discovers something that will change their life. Hope you aren't a fan of Bobby, because I don't treat him nicely. T-rated for language. Otherswise, read and enjoy. As allways, read this and the rest of my X Men fics on Please review, reviews is my drugs!

To all of you Angel Rogue fans from Mia

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Instead of studying for my exam in British litterature I wrote a list over all of my fanfictoin; Stories I've finished, stories I'm working on and ideas. I figured I might post it here and see if someone had some comments to wether or not the plots are good enough to continue. My exam starts in an hour, so cross your fingers that I'll get an passing grade!

Otherwise I've posted the eight chapter of Struck by Lightning earlier today, and would love some reviews!

Finished stories:


A Friendly Game of Poker?”: A one-shot I wrote about Angel and Rouge. There is a power outage at the mansion and Rouge and Angel are locked up in a room together. To pass the time they play a game of poker, but the stakes are heightening.


A Shadow Against the Pale Moon”: The shortest fic I’ve ever wrote. It is an AU version of the scene in the laboratory. Angel can’t handle his life in hiding from the world and decides that it is enough. My attempt on a more poetic fic.  


Staying on the Ground”: A little fluffy fic about Angel and Kitty Pryde. Kitty is feeling upset since she was in love with Bobby, but he only has eyes for the now cured Rouge. But then a certain Angel catches her eye.


          Posted, unfinished:


 Struck by Lightning”:  OC Ana Manning is kicked out from her home when her mutant powers come forth. She makes her way to Xavier’s Institute where she is finally accepted. Her electric powers grows and she gets close to Angel. All would be fine had it not been for a rising mutant rebellion. There seems that the cure wasn’t as permanent as first believed as several mutants regain their powers. The question is if Magneto is among those who regained their full powers, could he be behind the rebellious group? Dark times are in the brewing. I’m working on the ninth chapter at the time.


Demonchild”: Erika doesn’t handle her newly developed mutant powers and Angel does his best to help, but there are forces working against him.


          Stories I’m working on (Temporary titles):


Healing Powers”: Rouge and Bobby aren’t doing to well as her powers comes back. She seeks comfort in Angel and discovers something that will change her life.


“Angels and Monkeys”: Kyra is a fun loving girl who loves the fact that she is a mutant. An energy spark that’s always happy and up for some fun. She might be just the thing Angel needs to brighten his days.


Black Angel”: Slightly crossover with Spiderman 3. Things aren’t going to well with Angel. His father has completely cut him off and he hasn’t really got anyone at the mansion either. He messes up in classes and training sessions. He flees from the mansion to the forest to get some time away. As he falls asleep there something crawls trough the shadows and cocoons his body. He wakes to find himself changed. He feels stronger, faster, angrier…


A Broken Angel”: An accident sends Angel to the hospital. He suddenly finds himself crippled, his wings amputated. But there is still a powerful enemy that must be defeated.


A Bite That Will Last a Lifetime”: Inspired by the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands. Daniel Lavenport is the illegitimate child of Jean Claude Argeneau. He is embraced by Marguerite and the rest of the clan. He takes their name and a job in their company. Marie Christine Robson stumbles upon something she shouldn’t and finds herself being chased by suitclad men. She is saved by Daniel who hides her from those that are after her. While the Argeneaus works to figure out what the suitclad men are doing Daniel and Marie finds themselves attracted to each other. But what will she think when he tells her that he is a vampire born well over a century ago?


          Ideas, Plotbunnies…


Spuffy 1”: Spike changed his mind halfway to Sunnydale and went to England instead. He never met the Scoobies, never met Buffy, never got his soul back. It was ultimately Angel’s sacrifice that saved the world, and Buffy travels to London to train the new slayers. Their meeting is inevitable, but how will it go? Is Spike truly Big Bad, or is it in Buffy’s power to change him?


“Spuffy 2”: In an alternative universe where Buffy never became the Slayer, but lived an ordinary teenage life in LA she suddenly finds herself abducted by a man and taken to an abandoned warehouse. Her worst nightmares come trough when she discovers what he is, and the platinum vamp has no intention to treat her nicely.


“Rouge/Colossus”: AU. Rouge left her home, but never hitched a ride with Logan. She ended up in an abandoned house in New York with other mutants on the run. One day years later a quiet Russian named Pjotr walks in and Rouge discovers that her deadly powers are neutralized by his armour. For the first time in years she is able to touch another human being, something she is intent to take advantage of.

"School Trouble": Rouge has problem with getting a passing grade in history, and Storm suggests a tutor to help her. The only one that can help her is the lonewolf Angel. Can he help her with more than homework? Might this be the oppertunity to get over Bobby?


Pyro” Pyro comes to Magneto’s hideout after the incidents in X2, but isn’t able to concentrate as he can’t seem to get over a certain icy mutant.


Friends/Star Wars crossover”: A totally lunatic idea a friend and I came up with. Jar Jar Binks and Joey Tribbiani switches places, something that causes quite a lot of trouble. How will Jar Jar take the New York setting he finds himself in, and will Joey manage life in space?


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(no subject)

So, I'm supposed to read for my exam ight now, but it's just too boring. So instead I just posted the seventh chapter of Struck by Lightning! It's so much more fun writing fiction! I'm thinking of getting to write another Rouge/Angel fic as well as writing more on the to in-progree stories I have (Struch by Lightning and Demonchild), as I love that pairing! I'm also thinking of gettin to write in a different fandom, but it's just so difficult not writing X-men as that's all I've written so far. And I really want to write some more on my "book" as well. The nice thing there is that I can do whatever I want with the characters as they are all mine! Muhahahah.... (totally evil laughter there...) Fandoms I might write sooner or later is Buffy, Underworld, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribbean, and many many more! I'm just waiting for that one good idea...  
I was looking over the stories I've already posted on fanfiction and decided that I don't really like Staying on the Ground all that much. Nothing exciting really happened, and it's obvious I wrote and published it during a late night. I haven't really gotten any revies on that as well, so I'm guessing people didnt like it either. I'll just have to do better next time. I haven't really gotten any revies on Demonchild either. I don't really know what I think of that story myself, so I'l just cross my fingers and hope someone will stumble upon it and bother posting a review. Reviews are my drugs! 
I really should get back to studying right now, but there are so much I'd rather do. Like checking out Facebook (totally addicting!) or reading some stories on fanfiction. There are so many that just begs to be read! (Allthough way to few of them are with Angel...) Or maybe I'll just roam around on the internett and find some fun games or something... We'll just have to wait and see! 

So long, and thanks for all the fish!
Victoria Frances

What's going on

Hi there! I'm visiting my parents this weekend and luckily they have internett in their house unlike me. So, because there isn't much to do around here I thought I should post a little update on what's going on these days. 
I went to see the thirs Spiderman movie the other day, and I loved it! But again, I love almost all superhero movies (with the exception of Daredevil and Elektra, 'cause they really sucked...). When I came home I almost instantly started writing on a new fanfic. It's about Angel and Xmen like all of my fanfics, but it's inspired by the movie, and mostly Venom, cause he is one of the coolest badguys ever! I really thought Topher Grace did a great job as Eddie Brook jr./Venom! I will probably name the story something like Black Angel, so keep you're eyes up for it, as I'll post in on one time or another!

I have a few stories that I work on and have posted a few chapters of two of them there as well. they are called Struck by Lightning and Demonchild. If you read them please tell me if you like them or not, I love reviews!

School is coming to an end soon, and my last exam is on 29th of May. Hopefully I won't fail that one, 'cause I know I'm going to fail the one I have next Wednesday. And it would be great to get atleast one character that isn't an F... My problem is that I can't seem to consentrate on actually studying as there's so much to do that doesnt concern school! Like movies and books and fanfiction!

I think I'm going to try to work some more on this original story I'm writing. Currently I only call it James' story, as I haven't come up with anything better yet. It's a vampirestory that hopefully will evolve into the story of a book. right now it's 35 000 words, and thereby easily the longest story I've ever written, and it's a long way from being finished. I've had major writers block on that particular story, but hopefully with the summervacation coming up I'll get some more work done on it. I don't see myself ever getting anything written that could be sent to a publisher, but it would be cool to say that I had written a book... I got the plot mostly worked out, so I just need to get to the writing.
I read a lot of books, and lately I've read several manga books such as Bleach and Shaman King, and they are great! I also started reading the Argenau-series, written by Lynsay Sands. she writes vampirebooks that are so fun to read! they are like Bridger Jones for we who love vampires and the supernatural!  They is so fast to read, so they are perfect for a slow day!
There aren't much going on in my life these days, so I'll just stop writing here. Please read y stories and tell me if you like it or not. Otherwise; read books you like, see movies you like (PotC is coming up soon!) and write all you can!

Love to all of you from Mia aka Miasen(stupidewst penname ever...)

Victoria Frances


This was the second piece of fanfic I posted to

It is about Angel, Rouge and a deck of cards and take place during a blackout at the mansion.  be of age before you read this as it definitively is rated NC-17.

The rest of my stories can be found on as well: 
please read and tell me what you think.

Hope you like this!

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OK, I haven't really been at this page since I made it, and that is quite a  while ago. Lately I have been preoccupied with writing fanfiction, as I have just started writing, and now I'm addicted! I've posted a few stories at, under the name Miasen. So far I've only written X-men fanfiction, but I have an idea for an Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic as well. Most of my fics is about Warren aka Angel, as I have quite the crush for him... He is great! I've actually gotten a few good reviews on my story "A Friendly Game of Poker?",  and one person asked me if I had thought about posting it on this LJ group, so I thought I had better try to figure out how this works... I'll just see how it goes! 
Right now it's my last day of my easter holiday, and I'm really bummed out. I have no interest in going to an philosophy and ethics lecture tomorrow morning! I really can't stand that subject... I hate Ex.Phil, but there's no way to get past it, I have to have it... Stupid rules... 
I really don't know what else to write here right now, so I think we have to call it a night now. 

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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